Women Ocean Waves - Long Scarf

Long Scarf


Ocean Waves - paying homage to the ocean - the blue, the fresh, the ever free, as deep as your love could be. I give hugs, sometimes fresh sometimes warm, but what I like the most is giving the kisses with a pinch of salt. I like catching the morning light and playing with the falling stars. I shine, I glow and so will you with a scarf like me around you.
Take a deep breath and dive into the magnificent Ocean Waves scarf, where the secrets of all the oceans - The Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Antarctic and the Arctic join together in the abstract art of deep blue, azure, aquamarine, sapphire and cobalt color.

Color: intense mix of aqua shades of blue - azure, aquamarine, sapphire and cobalt

Print: Lepsiful original hand painted design

This long scarf is: 

  • must-have piece because of its hand drawn & painted design, digitally printed, color palette, size, natural material
  • multi-functional and all-season piece
  • essential piece for well-traveled (protect you from the sun and/or keep you warm) as a resort and beach wear
  • multi-color option piece,simply make new scarves that suit your taste, depending which color you expose
  • perfect mix-match with other multi-size Lepsiful scarves 
  • ideal to play mix and match look with your friend, man or even children
  • amazing gift for you or your loved one

OH SO many ways to wear & style it - Dare to scarf yourself! 
I classic scarf I turban I bandana I head band I hair acc.belt I mini top I beach cover-up I pareo I bag acc. I hat acc. I camera strapI

LEPSIFUL Scarves for BEAUTIFUL People.


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