Men Personalised Ocean Waves - Long Scarf

Long Scarf


Personalised Ocean Waves - Take a deep breath and dive into the magnificent Ocean Waves scarf, where the secrets of all the oceans - The Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Antarctic and the Arctic join together in the abstract art of deep blue, azure, aquamarine, sapphire and cobalt color.

This scarf is also available in a combination with the Lepsifulmination customized letters.

Color: scarf - mix of blue color- azure, aquamarine, sapphire and cobalt; letters - turquoise blue.    Personalised scarves represent a category of monogrammed scarves with a special oversized hand drawn calligraphy. Add up to three letters (1-3 letters)- initials or personalised message. When you make a purchase, include a note, stating which letters you'd like to have on your scarf. Please note that the delivery time will be a bit longer due to a product customization process, because this scarf is manufactured and made especially for you.

Print: Lepsiful original hand painted design

This long scarf is: 

  • must-have piece because of its hand drawn & painted design, digitally printed, color palette, size, natural material

  • multi-functional and all-season piece

  • essential piece for well-traveled (protect you from the sun and/or keep you warm)
multi-color option piece, simply make new scarves that suit your taste, depending which color you expose
  • perfect mix-match with other multi-size Lepsiful scarves
ideal to play mix and match look with your friend, woman or even children
  • amazing gift for you or your loved one

OH SO many ways to wear & style it - Dare to scarf yourself!
classic scarf I bandana I turban I head band I belt I bag acc. I hat acc. I camera strap II

LEPSIFUL Scarves for BEAUTIFUL People.


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