Men Humming Birds - Square Scarf

Square Scarf


Humming Birds - tiny, yet swift, with beating wings. We fly magical and free as our flight is a true mystery. In a flash of colour we shine and glow making soft rhythmic sounds while flying among the grasses, drink flower nectars in the rainbows of the early morning color. Let’ s make magic together.

Color: unique aura of colors created with expressive and brilliant brushstrokes of dark green, mystical petroleum and beryl color shades with a pinch of yellow almost gold, shining in turquoise, vivid sky blue to cobalt blue with a touch of purple, yellow and green shades in details.

Print: Lepsiful original hand painted design

This square scarf is:
• must-have piece because of its hand drawn & painted design, digitally printed, color palette, size, natural material - silk
• multi-functional and all-season piece
• essential piece that brings further flexibility and creativity into styling, from classic to a more fashion forward styles
• multi-color option piece, simply make new scarves that suit your taste, depending which color you expose
• perfect mix-match with other multi-size Lepsiful scarves
• ideal to play mix and match look with your friend, woman or even children
• amazing gift for you or your loved one

OH SO many ways to wear & style it - Dare to scarf yourself!
I classic scarf I bandana I scarf tie I folding pocket square I turban I head band I bracelet
I bag wraps I bag acc. I hat bands I hat acc. II

LEPSIFUL Scarves for BEAUTIFUL People.


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