LEPSIFUL (pronounced ‘lep-si-ful’) meaning “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” or simply “BEAUTIFUL” in Slovenian slang language, is designed for lepsiful people all over the world. Beautiful on the inside and on the outside.



Lepsiful is a story about love of fashion and about passion for illustrations, colors and unique hand-drawn designs that are Lepsiful ®. The artwork is digitally transfered onto premium silk and cotton scarves with a view to respect and fulfil the highest quality standard and fair trade principles. The result of harmonious blend of fashion and art create unique, versatile, timeless “wearable art” pieces designed in Slovenia, manufactured in Italy and shipped worldwide to you. What is more, you can proudly wear them because you know that they produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.



Lepsiful scarves have been created with love, along with beauty and desire in mind for all of you regardless of your age or gender to always look and feel amazing and beautiful. They are multi-functional pieces and much more than just an accessory because they give you a possibility to make infinity ways of wear all year-round for any occasion due to their extraordinary sizes, natural material and many color scarf combinations out of one scarf by twisting and tying it differently when completing or making an outfit. Each scarf has its own story inspired and presented with particular hand illustrated design and color mood. From the abstract fantasy to the horses, to the unexpected combination of graphic shapes, to the blue ocean waves, to wild colorful tigers, to Lepsifulmination - personalised scarves and other iconic designs.

Digital printed scarves can be ordered in:

  • different sizes for playful mix-match (200x100 cm, 200x36 cm, 140x140 cm, 53x53 cm, 30x30 cm)
  • different fabrics (cotton voile, silk satin).
  • As an option, I can make your scarf even more unique with Lepsifulmination letters / initials of your choice, which make your scarf unique and your own.

Scarves are luxurious & soft to the touch, visually stunning, inspiring, bold, stylish and timeless.



Each design begins as a detailed paper sketch with a pencil and ink and then through the experiments in composition and color is leading to the final art displayed on a particular scarf. I love using different combinations of techniques and styles and I also love playing with a subtle color pallet obtained with a variety of stunning watercolors, acrylic, gouache and colored pencils, markers, chalk, etc., so that the final design combination is distinctively unique and cannot be imitated. At the end, the design is digitalized and transferred to premium natural fabrics.



Lepsiful brand has a distinctive DNA, presented with unique hand-drawn design, story-telling color palette, luxury natural fabrics, quality detailing, extraordinary size.



The entire shape forms an artistic face with a sign Lepsiful right above the face. My initial letters pVb represent the eyes and the nose. Below the nose are the lips formed by three triangles, my favorite geometrical shape.



My vision is to design wearable art that is unique, versatile and timeless with the power to inspire, encourage your individualistic spirit and highlight your personal grace and charm to make you feel beautiful and amazing.



Creating versatile wearable art pieces by uniting art into fashion accessory.



LEPSIFUL Scarves for BEAUTIFUL People.



This is a perfect gift for you and your loved ones. So feel the love, joy, positive energy, vivacity and magic that every scarf possesses and fall in love with your favourite Lepsiful scarf.


Let’s be Lepsiful together! #lepsiful, #lepsifulscarves