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Lepsiful started this adventurous journey long before this online shop opening.

The process of building this brand included different activities from working on design with outmost attention to details, researching for a brand name with a story behind, designing the brand logo, sourcing environmentally responsible suppliers, testing the wear and quality of the scarves with family, preparing contents for the website, launching the brand online and bringing it to your attention…

There were so many things to do that at certain moment it all seemed a little too overwhelming. But loving what I do and passionately believing in Lepsiful for which I care for sooo much and with the support from my loving family and friends nothing seem impossible.

There have been many people who helped and inspired me along the way with their feedback, questions and positivism regarding Lepsiful scarves. I am truly grateful to them / you in case that you are reading this.

I want Lepsiful to be a very personal brand, with real stories, true and close contact, so you are kindly invited to comment, share your opinion, ask qustions.

I am excited to get to know you to bring Lepsiful brand and its upcoming scarf collection even closer to you.

Let’s be in touch via info@lepsiful.com and social media.

With love,



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